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Each month, CAAO and CT IAAO sponsor IAAO educational webinars hosted at the Town of Rocky Hill. Webinars are free of charge to CAAO and/or CT IAAO members who attend the webinar at the Town Hall Council Chambers in Rocky Hill at 761 Old Main Street. Attendees receive 2 continuing education credits. Please sign up by emailing Cassandra LegaultAttendees who want a copy of the webinar should bring a USB drive to the webinar as the presentations are usually too large to email. Webinars marked "free registration" are available to IAAO members at their own computer.
Upcoming Webinar:
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
1:00pm – 3:00pm 

Valuation of Time Shares - When You Share the Time, You Share the Tax Burden
Presented by David Boisvert
2.0 credits

This webinar will explore the three valuation methods as applied to Timeshare Properties. We will compare the general results when applying these methodologies. Finally, we will look at the Arizona Revised Statutes which have defined valuation methodology for timeshares. A few other take a ways from the webinar which effect the valuation are the Principle of Supply and Demand, location, amenities and rent ability.
Notes: From this webinar you will learn:
  • Timeshares are unique ownership of real property.
  • The location affects the supply and demand principle.
  • The management entity is required to provide information annually to the assessor's office.
  • There is a penalty if the information is not submitted.
  • Arizona values timeshares are based on the income approach.
  • The amenities associated with the timeshare influences the market.

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