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Each month, CAAO and CT IAAO sponsor IAAO educational webinars hosted at the Town of Rocky Hill. Webinars are free of charge to CAAO and/or CT IAAO members who attend the webinar at the Town Hall Council Chambers in Rocky Hill at 761 Old Main Street. Attendees receive 2 continuing education credits. Please sign up by emailing Cassandra ThompsonWebinars marked "free registration" are available to IAAO members at their own computer.
Upcoming Webinar:
Wednesday, June 10, 2015 
2:00pm – 4:00pm 

Valuation of Regional Malls
Presented by TBD
2.0 credits

The valuation of regional malls is a continuing exercise that presents a number of unique issues. Mall classification methodology is very important within the mall part of the retail industry, but is not yet fully understood and embraced by appraisers. Fee simple and leased fee property interest controversies have needlessly complicated cap rate derivation and other valuation methodology and techniques. Lack of understanding of how malls operate and how investors view their positive and negative performance issues often results in methodology mistakes. This presentation will look to the marketplace to resolve these items and various other issues arising under all three traditional approaches to value.
From this webinar you will be able to: 
  • Understand and apply sound mall classifications within the valuation process
  • Recognize how to reflect the impact of (1) negative mall performance issues, including temporary tenant tenancies, excessive cost of occupancy, and low expense recovery issues, (2) TIs, and (3) impending and ongoing renovations
  • Recognize common typical math and methodology errors found in appraisals prepared for both property owners and taxing authorities
  • Utilize common typical math and methodology erros found in appraisals prepared for both property owners and taxing authorities
  • Apply strategies employed in numerous mall assessment cases (both negotiations and trials)

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